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Thanks for visiting our website! This month’s picture is of attendees at a seminar in Trujillo, Peru, August 2018. [Click picture to enlarge.]

Seminar in Trujillo, Peru

Ministry and mission work is a team effort -- Jan and I have shared the work of ministry and missions for over 50 years! (We traveled together to preaching appointments during the year before we were married.) Countless people have encouraged us, supported us, loved us, and prayed for us. In addition to the customary "Brother Bob," I am also known as dad and papaw. One of my favorite breakfasts is huevos fritos, frijoles, and tortillas, with a good hot sauce and a cup of rich Colombian coffee! My greatest joy in life is being part of the kingdom; my #1 priority is to advance "kingdom things" and to help develop authentic "kingdom people." I seek to share the good news about Jesus everywhere I go, helping people find Jesus and helping people mature as disciples of Jesus. One of the greatest blessings of my life is to be loved by countless people around the world!


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Some of My Ministry and Mission Interests

    • Baxter Institute, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
      [Baxter Institute trains preachers for the Spanish-speaking world. I previously served as chairman of the board for Association Amicus, a Honduras non-profit which oversees Baxter Institute and Baxter Clinic, and as board chairman of Baxter Foundation in the U.S. I am currently a life-time board member.]
    • Entrenamiento Vocacional de Obreros (EVO), Training for Vocational Workers
      [EVO exists to help Spanish-speaking churches by strengthening Christians in the faith, establishing leaders, and encouraging churches to become missionary churches. I serve as an instructor for EVO.]
    • Christ's Ambassadors
      [I previously served as a consultant for Spanish outreach and literature; this is the site for downloading "Quest for Truth," the English evangelism studies from which "En Pos de la Verdad" was translated.]
    • Park Plaza Church of Christ, Tulsa, Oklahoma
      [The place we call 'home' when we are in the U.S.]
    • Holmes Road Church of Christ, Lansing, Michigan
      [I served as pulpit minister for this church for 11 years, 1976-1987]
    • Fort Gibson Church of Christ, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
      [I served as pulpit minister for 8 years, 1987-1995]
    • Edmond Church of Christ, Edmond, Oklahoma
      [We attended this church while we were serving at Oklahoma Christian, serving as a volunteer minister in establishing the Hispanic work, 2004-2007]

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