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What materials are included in this notice?

This website provide links to numerous church, religious, ministry, and mission resources. It also provides indexing for ministry and mission resources--primarily articles, sermons, classes, and presentations--developed or compiled on behalf of "www.bobyoungresources.com". All original items are covered by this copyright notice regardless of where they appear on the site.

Correcting sources for materials

When an original source is known, the source is credited. Materials developed and presented through years of ministry are often a compilation and editing of materials from numerous sources. In many cases the original author or source citation has been lost. Materials will be credited when notification and validation is received concerning original sources.
Notification of original sources is appreciated. Pages will updated as quickly as possible.

Who may use this material?

Preachers and teachers are encouraged to duplicate material that they feel is appropriate to share in personal or classroom studies. Materials, either in full or excerpted, may be freely reprinted in bulletins and newsletters, study guides, and educational or classroom materials as long as readers are not charged for the materials and an acceptable copyright notice is included. All materials to which this applies (materials in which the text or content remains substantially unchanged) should contain the following notation:
"Copyright © date, Robert J. Young, from www.bobyoungresources.com. All rights reserved. This material may be freely reprinted so long as no charge is made to the reader and this copyright notice is included."

Any person may share single copies Permission is thus granted to copy in any manner, any or all text from the web pages at this site so long as the information is not reproduced verbatim at any other Internet site nor used in publications for financial profit. Materials should be credited according to standard rules of plagiarism, with appropriate credit given.
If content is sent by e-mail, the web address of the original must be included.

A Special Note Concerning Graphics

At this Internet site as at many others, some graphics are used by permission and are not available for sharing. Please contact us before reproducing any graphics apart from the text.

Copyright Statement

Original materials at this site are copyrighted with all rights reserved. No claim to copyright ownership is forfeited by the above permissions. The author reserves the right to modify the policies on this site at any time. Use of the material in ways prohibited by the above guidelines may be granted in individual cases. Please contact the author at the address at the bottom of this page for permission before reproducing materials in any manner that may conflict with the policies set forth on this page.
The sermons published here may be used as resources and sermon starters. Sermons may generally be redelivered orally without reference to the source. However, when outlines, materials, or illustrations are used exactly or substantially as they appear here with minimal or no change, credit should be given.

Copyright violations will be handled according to biblical guidelines. For more information about copyright, visit the U.S. Copyright Office Home Page.

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