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November 2006

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Missions/Activities Reports and Website. I have learned that people crave information about missions opportunities. I provide reports of our ministry and missions involvement in two formats. First, our quarterly mission reports have lots of pictures and limited text. These are linked from the front page of the website (www.bobyoungresources.com) and we print copies for distribution. Second, our quarterly newsletters summarize and reflect upon a host of missions and ministry activities without pictures. These are also linked from our home web page, but we prepare only a limited number of copies for personal distribution.
The reason for this double reporting system is that I realize that the verbal descriptions I share in the newsletters are not as exciting or as readable as the mission reports with pictures and accounts of the harvest God is providing. Nonetheless, many like to read the details to get a better sense of God's work. We make it as easy as possible to access the mission reports and see the highlights of our work, but the details are in the newsletters.
I continue to work on and upgrade the (English) website to make it useful and current. I am constantly working on materials and bibliographies for small groups, interim ministry, small church, and team development and enhancement. In addition, I post reflections, book summaries, and other materials and articles related to ministry or mission work. I encourage you to access the website if you have not done so recently.

Reflections on 2006. Unless unforeseen circumstances dictate a special issue before the end of the calendar year, this will be the last newsletter posted this year. As the year draws to a close, we consider again how God has richly blessed our efforts to serve him and share the good news of Jesus Christ. God has provided numerous opportunities for service.
Missions. During 2006 I will make four mission trips to Latin America. Updates and details appear below.
Interim Ministry. I completed a 10-month interim ministry during which the church appointed additional elders and deacons and the congregation participated in a survey to evaluate ministry needs and the future direction of the church. Some good materials for congregational evaluation and surveys were developed. The church must learn the value of interim ministry as opposed to fill-in preaching. (I continue to be available to assist in interim ministry roles.)
Preaching and Teaching. During 2006 I preached and presented special lessons or classes at Blackwell (OK), Northside in Wichita, 29th & Yale in Tulsa, Iglesia de Cristo at South MacArthur in Irving (TX), Mena (AR) and Edmond. In October, I began teaching a weekly Spanish Bible class at Capitol Hill in Oklahoma City.
Small Groups. I taught a graduate class on Small Groups Ministry in January. My preparation helped me update my awareness of the interest, value, and effectiveness of small groups around the globe (including various types of house churches and the use of small groups in church planting). I will teach this class again in the spring 2007 semester as a two-weekend course. Contact me if you want more information.

Missions Updates.
Olancho, Honduras. The work in San Isidro is progressing. This is the barrio where we held the evangelistic campaign in July. The church now has the building complete. Attendance is increasing. Two church buildings were completed during 2006. Current plans call for another trip to this region in summer 2007 to provide teaching and more literature.
Columbia-Venezuela. The first week of October I traveled to Columbia to participate in a preachers-elders retreat for brothers from Columbia and Venezuela. Presenters included Bob Brown, Dan Coker, Bob Miranda, and yours truly. It was a blessing to see firsthand the progress of the church in this region.
I visited the North Bogota church on Sunday and presented the Bible class. It was a joy to be hosted by Rafael Valderrama and his wife Sonia.
In Santa Marta, Colombia, I spent some time with Carlos Escobar, a graduate of Baxter Institute who is working in planting a new congregation. The church has a building site and has begun construction on the building--they currently have an open air facility which provides some protection from the elements. Eventually they will close in the outside walls and add a second story.
The El Varal church (Colombia) has a need for some one-time help in solidifying their ministry. I presented this need to the Northside church in Mena (AR) and believe that much of that need will be met.
Brothers from across Colombia and Venezuela have requested that I come and help them with seminars and evangelism. I asked one brother what the churches most needed from us in the U.S. His reply was, "Help us with training and teaching. We need to grow and mature so we can do the work God has called us to." These church leaders recognize that their great need is not more U.S. missionaries, but the kind of training and teaching I am trying to provide in regular mission trips. They will continue to carry the message to their mission field as they are already doing. Planting churches is much easier than maturing newly-planted churches. Going and teaching and training provides a great service.
As a result of my trip, I have recommitted myself to increasing materials available in Spanish via the Internet. Brothers in other countries can download good materials properly formatted, and print and copy those materials for distribution more efficiently than we can send tons of small brochures and flyers. I believe the Internet also can be used effectively for providing various other types of teaching and literature. I will be exploring these options over the next several months.
Training Preachers/Providing Medical Care. I continue to serve as secretary for the Association Amicus, working with Baxter Institute and the James Moody Adams Clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. My last mission trip for 2006 will take me to Honduras for the annual board meeting, Baxter graduation, and the opportunity to visit with various brothers about potential mission works. I want to mention again the possibility of making a real difference in the life of a Honduran family through the nutrition program at the clinic. For $25/month, you can make a difference!

Attention Congregations, Elders, and Mission Committees. Our purpose in this ministry is to help congregations take the good news of Jesus to our communities and our world. All of the funds we receive are used to provide resources for churches--projects, literature, seminars and teaching. Thank you to all who help. All contributions are handled through our home congregation: Edmond (OK) church of Christ.
A great need is to help meet the needs we surface in various aspects of mission work. I always have a list of projects needing funding. Our philosophy is to do those things that the local congregations can support after we are gone. It is a joy to help with temporary needs and in establishing new churches. We are effectively training preachers for Latin America and sending them forth "into all the world." If you would like to know how your congregation could be a part of an exciting mission work, contact me for details. This is an excellent time to consider additional mission options for your 2007 budget. There is no limit to what God is willing to do through us. We solicit your prayers, your heart, and your involvement on behalf of the mission of Jesus Christ.
If you would like to know more, we are available to come to your congregation and make a presentation about what God is doing. It is difficult to keep the excitement down concerning what God is doing in our world when we are willing to be his ambassadors. Certainly Latin America is receptive and our efforts are being blessed and bearing fruit.
If you know others who would like to receive information or if you do not wish to receive this newsletter, please contact us and we will gladly do whatever you ask.

Muchas gracias; que Dios le bendiga (thank you very much; may God bless you),
Bob and Jan Young

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