Mission Newsletter: Bob and Jan Young
April 2009

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"Esperanza Eterna"
Eternal Hope Newsletter

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A major portion of our mission work in the first part of 2009 has involved my responsibilities as chairman of the board of the Association Amicus. I also serve as chairman of the Baxter operations committee of the Association, as well as chairman of the Strategic Planning committee. The latter has been quite time-consuming since we are undertaking a major strategic planning initiative during 2009.

Our mission travel schedule for 2009 is not yet complete. Bob will present a class at Seminario Baxter in May and hopes to do some additional work on the strategic plan. We have again received multiple invitations--to help with works in Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, and Chile. Soon we will finalize the schedule and decide which of the invitations we can accept.

We are grateful to the many brothers and sisters who support our work, especially those who lift us up in prayer. The Northside church in Mena, Arkansas has joined our work with a monthly contribution, and the McAlester church continues to support our work both financially and in allowing us time away.

On the home front of ministry and missions, I am assisting the New Life Behavior prison ministry by recording on DVD several of the courses they use in their work. When I conclude the current series, I will have recorded 27 class sessions. I also teach the daily Bible class at McAlester Christian Academy. In April, I will preach a brief series with the church in Stuart, Oklahoma. In May, I am scheduled to teach a short course in the Graduate School of Theology at Oklahoma Christian University. The course is entitled "Current Challenges and Directions in Ministry." In June, I will serve as one of the track leaders for the Quest program at OC.

Again, we thank you for your prayers and concern, and your heart for missions and evangelism. Thank you for your generous gifts that help us follow our God and our heart as we strengthen the cause of Christ around the world. These efforts pay great dividends, and the opportunity to connect with brothers and sisters around the world makes us aware of the great blessing of being part of the worldwide family of God.

We invite you to join us in God's purpose of sharing "Eternal Hope". We would like to visit your congregation and help increase missions awareness as we share what God is doing. Every person or congregation who helps in this work receives regular reports and updates. There is always more work to be done--invitations to be accepted, trips to be made, and needs to be met for the churches we work with. Checks may be made payable to Main and Oklahoma Church of Christ and marked for "Bob and Jan Young Missions". Checks may be sent to PO Box 1004, McAlester, OK 74502.

Yu can also keep us with us through my blog at www.bobyoungresources.com/blog. As always, we are thankful for your continuing interest and support in what God is doing through us in the kingdom.

Que Dios le bendiga (may God bless you),
Bob and Jan

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