Finding God's Guidance
Text: Acts 16:1-8
by Robert J. Young

How can one know God's will, way? How discern?
On most days, seems world is waiting with bated breath for emergence of Spirit-led, Spirit-drunken, Spirit-empowered, Spirit-filled, Spirit-indwelt people. Is this what Paul was referring to in Rom. 8--all creation waits expectantly for the revelation of the sons of God. Where is a disciplined, free, gathered, loving, supportive, martyr people with a message, a song, and a testimony? Where is a people who know what it is to life the life and power and fulness of the kingdom of God? We want to be that people. How is it possible?

The Textual Study (a summary)
Paul speaks of how he and his traveling companions concluded (gathered) that God was calling them to take the gospel into Macedonia. The Greek word provides wonderful insights.

Richard Foster writes of "The Immanuel of the Spirit," God with us. This is not God with me. Consider several implications.

The church as God desires the church is just such as gathering as God desires. A community of God's people who are aware of God's guiding hand, God's preparatory work, and God's unifying power. Ekklesia.


*Suggested and developed in part from notes from Richard Foster. Some of the unique phrasing is his.

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