Text: Gospel of Luke
by Robert J. Young

Reconsider, what is Easter about? What is cross about? Romans 3 speaks of justification, propitiation, redemption, reconciliation. These are not hard words, not Bible words. These are first century everyday words. What is worship about, Easter, Sunday, God? Is it about pardon, forgiveness? The truth is, the world does not want the cross, I do not, you do not, church does not want the cross. Want to do it ourselves, want to deserve, earn, be in good standing, merit/demerit. The cross says, I have need, I cannot make it on my own, I must have God. Our study today is forgiveness. There is no forgiveness except through cross of Christ.

Forgiveness is difficult in several ways.

Further, it is hard to be forgiven, hard to accept forgiveness, we want to do it ourselves. God forgives, is just and justifier. Facilitates new relationship with God. Boldness, love, joy, not just private and interior, but distinguishes our public worship.

Forgiveness is difficult to correlate with reconciliation. Reconciliation is two, forgiveness is one, your action cannot/will not hurt me any more, I am not going to be touched/moved/altered by your action. I forgive you. At the table today, even the sorry ones. This is the acceptance of God.

Lu e:1ff, you are more than your sins. You are not defined by your sins, but by God's nature within you.
If you need forgiveness, you are the kind Jesus came for, 5:31-32
This day, worship is proportional to your sense of forgiveness, 7:40ff. We are not grateful because we have not seen the need, assurance, blessing.
This is the uniqueness of Christianity, the God who calls, seeks, looks for us.

Today we can know forgiveness because....

That is indeed good news, 24:47.

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Last updated February 26, 2001.