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Father's Day

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Some children do not have a chance. They receive no direction, controls, or consequences.
No parental support, no encouragement.
One role of parents is to give their children a chance.
How do parents give children a chance to succeed?

Help them receive a good education: both formal and experiential
Help them develop principles and values that will guide their behaviors
Provide them an example: moral training, relationship training, and spiritual training
Provide basic skills training-consistent with the knowledge base of the parents
Provide financial support through the formative years

  • Should parents continue to provide opportunities, i.e. finances to reach a new goal, fund a new initiative (perhaps, but not supportive financing)
  • Is there a need for continuing financial support? (such may actually work against the responsibilities and goals of the parents)

    Give them a chance to become all that they can become

  • Sometimes children do not take full advantage of the opportunities they are given.
  • Unfortunately, some learn through bad choices. The role of parents is primarily to give children a chance-by providing foundations and opportunities.
    Help them learn independence, developing the ability to make correct choices.
  • How does a parent help children make good choices?
  • Once parents have given their children a chance to succeed, what is their continuing obligation?
  • Children who are dependent may not perceive their own capacities, own abilities, and may have lowered self-esteem.

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