Tri-World Faith
Texts: Ephesians 1; Colossians 1
Scripture Reading: Col. 1:15-28
by Robert J. Young

Gordon McDonald, "Following Christ implies meeting God in the upper real world of the Heavenlies, mastering life in the inner real world of our selves, and making personal history in the outer real world of the streets."
Today we go back to the anvil to forge a real world faith.

I. We seek a Faith that Worships.

Are you experiencing the presence of God in the heavenly world, the spiritual world of worship?

II. We seek a Faith That Imitates.

Are you exploring the power of God for the inner world, the self world of becoming like Jesus?

III. We seek a Faith that Communicates.

Are you expecting the purpose of God in the outer world, the society where commitment is ultimately tested?

Effective faith must work in all of these worlds. A single-world faith will not suffice in times of suffering and persecution. Today if you would follow Jesus, let us recommit to worship, to Christian living, and to the ultimate salvific purposes of God. Let us go forth in imitation with a song on our lips and joy in our hearts.
Let us commit to obedience, discipleship based on Christ-likeness that begins in baptism. Let us commit to the mission and purposes of God as we seek to be light and salt and leaven in our world.
What is the shape of your faith? Are you forging a tri-world faith that will continue--no matter what? Why not come to Jesus--finding reconciliation and redemption for those who have never begun, finding resources for recovery and renewal in our continuing walk, finding commitment for communicating the good news.
If Christ today answers your faith needs, the opportunity to come to Him, whatever your need, is now, as we stand and sing.

Tri-World Faith


Heavenly World--The Ultimate World Inner World--The Real World Outer World--The Temporary World
Spirit World Self World Streets-Society World
Worship the Exalted One Imitate the Exemplary One Communicate the Eternal One
Faith that Exalts in Worship Faith that Edifies, Encourages, and Equips in Walk Faith that Evangelizes in Word
Worship--Abnegation of Self Christ-likeness--Mastery of Self Kingdom Building--Sacrifice of Self
My Worship reflects my desire to Magnify My Walk reflects my desire to Mature My Words reflect my commitment to Mission
The Presence of God, From Shallowness to Depth The Power of God, From Confusion to Orientation The Purpose of God, From Domestication to Discipleship
Celebrate Redemption and Reconciliation Find Recovery and Renewal Develop Relationships
Experiencing the Presence of God Exploring the Power of God Expecting the Purpose of God

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Last updated February 26, 2001.