A Different Spirit
Text: Numbers 14:17-25
by Robert J. Young

Study today centers on Caleb. Not popular name today, but should be. Caleb is special man of OT. OT occasion deserves introduction, unfamiliar, uncharted territory in our Bible Study. Generally not known, not appreciated, not applied. Only know a few portions, and will see one of those in today's context, but want to work with larger section to set stage for our text. Problem in OT study is easy to ignore Jesus Christ because he is in explicit, but implicit. These point to him, are schoolmaster to lead us to him. Must not forget him, but rather see principles which are fulfilled in him.

Brings us to our scripture reading. [Reread] Catches my attention. "Has a different spirit, follows me wholeheartedly." Therefore, I will bless. Raises question, do I have a different spirit, do you, does this church? Do I follow wholeheartedly, do you, do we? What do these words mean?
Some answers appear in our text:

People With a Different Spirit
Ultimate answer may appear in Josh. 14:6ff. Suggest keys to Caleb's success. What does it mean to fully follow, with a different spirit? How will others know we have different spirit?

People of a different spirit. Still, I wonder....
What does God see when he looks at me? at you? at us? If you wish to be such a person, why not tell God so right now in prayer. If your life prohibits such a commitment, why not cast off your burdens by prayer shared with others Christians. If you have never claimed God as your God, never attempted life living for God, living by faith, living toward the future, why not depend upon Jesus Christ for forgiveness, being immersed into his body and life... as we stand and sing.

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