What If We Miss Our Destiny?
Text: Esther
by Robert J. Young

In the film, "Stranger Among Us," reference is made to finding one's beshart, destiny, soul-mate. Some friends of ours, at the wedding of their son, "David has found a soulmate." Again, in the movie, "Sabrina," what if she is my destiny?

Some definitions may be helpful.

What is the purpose of this church? What is our mission? We write missions statements, sometimes annually. Are these accurate? Are these us? What is our mission? What is our purpose? How would we know? What does God want us to do, me to do, you to do?
What if we miss our destiny? What if we miss our calling, our purpose, our reason for existence? If not know reason for existence, if our reason is no different than any other church, we have no reason for being here. We could close up and go home. I believe there is a reason, and that is not just a selfish reason, but a reason from God. I believe that God has placed us here, for a purpose.

The story of Esther is the story of a person in a specific place, "for such a time as this."
[Relate story and make applications.]

The Jesus story is a story of a person in a specific place for a specific purpose. In the Garden Jesus prays, "Deliver me from this hour, No, Father, I came to this world for this hour."

Our story is a story of a people in a specific place for a specific purpose. Will you find that purpose, respond to that purpose.

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Last updated February 26, 2001.