A Church Gifted by God--by Grace through Faith
Text: Ephesians 2
by Bob Young

This chapter is about the formation of the church. Not often think must about how church came to be, how God formed the church, fashioned the church, one by one, individually, yet built together.
Starts with bad news. Received a gift--good news, but the very fact that we so desperately needed that gift is overwhelming.

I. Our need for the gift, 1-3 dead... in sin individualism lust, sin expecting God's wrath

II. The source of the gift, 4 God rich in love and mercy

III. The nature of the gift, 5-6 saved--raised--seated

IV. The result of the gift, 8-10 God's kindness is made known God's initiative and lordship is made known God's pieta--workmanship God is at work, reversing 2:11-12 Peace with God Peace with one another God's church!

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Last updated March 14, 2011