Challenges for the Church
Text: Matt. 16:16-19
by Robert J. Young

Three Great Challenges for the Church

The great issue of the 1990s was biblical ignorance.

  • A. Nature of Bible (Nature of Truth), and Relationship to Human Thought
    Fundamental religious thinkers of previous time give impression that they distrust scholarship, including the scientific disciplines; some tend toward an anti-intellectualism, even desiring obscurantism. However, is not all truth God's truth? Are not our minds God-given, indeed a vital part of the divine image we bear? How shall we understand human reason? Is God insulted when we refuse to think? Do we not honor God most fully when we "think God's thoughts after him" as Johann Kepler stated it?
    Ultimately question is one of relationship of reason to Scripture. Does Scripture stand over reason or reason over Scripture? Only if Scripture stands supreme above human thought, human device, even the church, is the possibility of objective truth affirmed. There is a truth which is objectively true whether you and I accept it, affirm it, can see it.

    These are things we must address as a group.

    3. Biblical Application that Inform the Christian Lifestyle

    Such is indeed a challenge to the church. If not based solely in knowledge, what is the key? The answer: thought, what you think, not only what you know (although we must know correctly). How you think--what you think about--priorities, will, decisions, the church must rethink and restudy entire thought process and nature of mind (NT = heart?).


    *Suggested and developed in part from notes from John Stott.

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