The Church: A Place to Belong
Text: Eph. 3:1-12
by Robert J. Young

How have we become so stupid? We are certainly in need of God's wisdom.
Look. Eph. 3:1-12, church is declaration of God's wisdom. Is statement of God's ultimate purpose in the church. Is identity of church. Us. Together, support, encouragement, haven, repository of saved. Place of serving, meaning.
It is time to take inventory. Be personal. Not just another assignment. This is nouthetic, this is remedial. Personal, helpful, individual, just us, family, church. Not do more, do more, do more. This is who we are, our identity, understanding. Where are we? Who are we? I once heard Mladen Jovanovich, objective observer, outsider, can see what we cannot see. Said three things. Take them one at a time.

1. Have we forgotten: The church is A Place to Find God.
Get back to God. Find God. Search scripture, revelation of God. Do you know God? Who is God? Who is your God? What is he like? The Lord is my shepherd. He provides, heals, is our source of peace, and righteousness. He is ever present. He is our banner. Do you know God? This week, your #1 task, find God, know God, know Christ. Read your Bible, seek, find. Build your relationship with God.

2. Have we forgotten: The church is A Place to Grow.
We are challenged to make progress. Let us go on. We are not satisfied. Spiritual growth is essential, this need and the method for reaching it are reflected in our first point. But there is more. If we are adding 10% to our attendance each year, let us increase our efforts. Let us teach and baptize 10%. We are +100 in 3 years. Our contributions are 94% of budget. Unbelievable. We need more challenges. Our special contributions for missions are generous. We gave for songbooks above and beyond. We are growing in many ways, let us grow in grace and knowledge. Let us grow in the grace of giving. I was at South Point, Ohio recently, 75 members, $1600 contribution, $1400 budget, approximately $20 per attender. We can do that. What needs to be done? Let us do it. College students, find God, grow. Let us resolve that we will not just sit still for our four years in college. I remember college, I gave $5 week. Let us grow. Let us go on as Hebrews 6 urges us. Build beyond the foundations. Accept the challenge that is everywhere around us. Build for a relationship with our neighbors in this world.

3. Have we forgotten: The church is A Place to Belong.
We are Family, Eph. 3:14ff. Back where we started. Nature of church. Church family. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all knew the church as this kind of place? Need to know it in physical families. But what of spiritual family? Do we fit in? Will we help others fit in? Will they find a place? Build relationships within the church.

This we will do, because God is our power.
I could never be saved, but God can do it.
I could never come home, but God can help you find the way.
I could never lead, but God can through you.
This church could never.... Yes we can, with God at our side.

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Last updated February 26, 2001.