Text: Hebrews 10:19-39, (esp. vv. 24-25)
by Robert J. Young

How define worship? We are here to worship. Will we? Why are we here? What will we do? What do you expect? Will lives change?

I. The Text
God desires assembly, but never commands worship. John 4:22 says God wants worship. Heb. 10:25 must be understood in the larger context.
This is not a text about duty and guilt. This is not to scare people. These approaches do not solve the attendance at worship problem.
Do we know verse 24? Our problem in verse 25 is in verse 24. This is for all Christians. We have responsibilities for one another. This is not only for church leaders. All Christians are to provoke to love and good works. When we have love and good works, attendance at worship will be no problem.
Verse 23--Remember your confession. Let Jesus be Lord. If your faith is correct, others problems will be solved.
Verse 22--We must consider the context. This is for us. We draw near with a true heart of assurance, faith and heart and connected, and this refers to baptism. Remember your new life, your confession, this will encourage and strengthen.
Verse 21--Christ is our high priest. This is the foundation of worship. Remember his sacrifice. Verse 25 follows verses 21-22-23-24. This is for us.
Verse 25 is about more than our attendance. This is about exhorting one another. Encourage. Are you an encourager? We must learn exhortation, admonition, edification, encouragement. The church must help with needs.
In the context of worship, we do not speak correctly. We are not audience, we are not spectators as in sports, we are participants. Will we worship?

II. Another text
1 Cor. 14:20-24. This is for unbelievers.

III. Worship is horizontal.
What are we doing when we worship? We are sharing with one another. We remember the death of Christ, we also remember his life. We share love and fellowship. Worship is joyous.
In Matthew 6, we read of private devotionals. Assembly is not to replace private spiritual life. Assembly is corporate, is horizontal.
The Bible says assemble. Why? We need encouragement. Worship does not help God although it honors God. Worship helps us. We need help, strength, encouragement. We have burdens which we cannot bear alone. In worship, we have a responsibility to one another.
Therefore we sing. Singing is horizontal and vertical. Singing is in the heart. Speak to one another. If you have wound, hurts, listen to your brothers and sisters in Christ.
We pray. This also is vertical and horizontal. We can say amen to the prayers, 1 Cor. 14.
We preach. This is not to inform God. God listens to preaching, but preaching is for us. Some want to get rid of the sermon. The pulpit, the sermon, represents god. The pulpit gives us God's word.
We commune. Here is the new covenant, the solution to our difficulties and problems. Here is the sacrifice of Christ. Here is my commitment that I will be like him.
We contribute. This is gratitude. God owns all. We can serve. We can help. We are in fellowship. This is my heart, my fellowship, my support for others. This is my reminder that Christians who are like Jesus are not selfish.

Heb. 10:25 is about encouraging. Before you reprimand, encourage. I like encouragement because everyone can encourage. I want to do something--you can encourage. Show love, show compassion.
We can worship. How many of us worship when the church assembles?

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