Victory Over Materialism
Text: 1 Timothy 6
by Bob Young

We are in a series of sermons focused on victorious living.
Victorious living--what does the phrase mean to you?

We need victory over materialism--now!

What is materialism? There are many definitions.
What can one say that will be helpful?

Almost an entire chapter about material possessions without reference to giving: 1 Timothy 6.

John Stott does a masterful job of outlining this chapter in his little book, Guard the Truth. Some of this outline and wording are his. Things, money, possessions, and property continue to be matters of conscientious concern to committed Christian people. Jesus gives us challenging teaching, economic inequalities exist in our nation, and especially gross economic inequalities exist in our world. Largely between north and south hemispheres, but even within each country and region. Perhaps a billion in our world are destitute in lacking the basic necessities for life, certainly millions more are barely surviving. The number who live in contrasting luxury are a very small minority given that 5% of our world's population live in the USA.

1 Timothy 1-2-3 deal with the teaching, conduct, and leadership in the church. 1 Tim. 4-5-6 deal more personally with Timothy and more directly with the needs of the church. How maintain personal integrity in midst of false teaching, even to denial of creation. How deal with the church and its various groups. How deal with false teachers in matter of material possessions. In midst of that topic, we see clear directives about a proper attitude toward material things.

Here are vital instructions about covetousness and contentment, wealth and generosity. Gives distinctive emphasis to this chapter, gives this a significant place in Christian discipleship of material possessions. Four basic sections: (1) the false teachers (3-5), (2) the Christian poor (6-10), (3) the "man of God" (11-16), (4) the Christian rich (17-19), all preceding the concluding remarks to Timothy directly and to the Ephesian church indirectly.

1. The connection between teaching and materialism, 1 Tim. 6:3-5
Two kinds of teaching--true and false. Orthodox and heterodox. Timothy has been charged to teach "these things," the same the apostles had taught. His opponents were teaching "other" or "different" things.

2. A charge to the Christian poor, 1 Tim. 6:6-10

3. A charge to the man of God, 1 Tim. 6:11-16

4. A charge to the Christian rich, 1 Tim. 6:17-19

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