Jesus Plus?
Text: Colossians 2
by Bob Young

The problem of add-ons--many today want to enhance the Christian experience. We are going to explore Colossians 2--some (D. Kristoferson) have seen several series of "fives" in Col. 2; five sins.
Seek to worship Christ without the add-ons.
Remember the significance of Christ--the death, burial, resurrection.
Single focused commitment is to Jesus Christ.

Through Christian history, there have been many new directions, but Paul's instructions to Colossae in 2:19--hold fast to the head.
The whole body depends on the head.
The body is held together from within.
Therefore it grows for God.

2:8--these things can easily draw us away

  • Philosophy
  • Empty deceit
  • Human tradition (conventional wisdom)
  • Elemental spirits (ta stoicheia)
  • Anything not according to Christ

    2:9-10--How do we know Christ is the answer?

  • The other power are "princes"
  • The body [of Christ] is/was where the fulness dwells, 1:19
  • Also we are fulness bodily [not a Platonic/Cerinthus division], 1:19, 2:9
  • Christians come to God's fulness
  • Christ is over all else

    2:11-12--Who Christ is

  • Put off the physical with the spiritual
  • Buried-raised
  • Through faith
  • Not subject to the body of flesh
  • In Christ, sins stripped away in crucifixion


  • The believer's flesh is put aside
  • The believer is now alive sharing Christ's resurrection
  • Christ erases accusing record (OT? other record of wrongs?)
  • Christ nails our indictment to the cross
  • Christ defuses the other powers


  • Christ nailed the indictment to the cross
  • The other powers can no longer accuse
  • No need to appease others
  • Celebrate God's victory
  • The powers have no hold--chemicals, games, computers, pornography, consider any other power and Christ wins!

    False requirements
    Food, Drink, Festivals, New moons, Sabbaths


  • Don't prize the freeing value of regulations
  • Rules do not help with resisting powers
  • Christ gives freedom
  • Regulations do not touch the heart of the matter
  • Christ is the solution

    False Solutions

  • Self-abasement, fasting (see angels through fasting?)
  • Worship of angels
  • Visions
  • Puff up by human thinking, pride in experience
  • Not holding Christ

    Five principles

  • Christ Jesus crucified controls life
  • Excitement detracts from our Christian experience
  • such elements pull the church apart
  • in headship the church grows
  • focus on the real power and center


  • Do not be led astray by distractions... special gifts....uplifting worship....experience....story preaching....aesthetics....self-improvement, e.g. $, family, regimens, self-help

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