Ephesians: Sermons ideas and outlines
from Bob Young

God's purpose, in Christ, the church, mystery, power, unity, together, hope, calling, walk (live), Christian armor

1-3 Who Are We? (Doctrinal, teaching)
4-6 What Do We Do? (application)

Chapter 1
Jesus Christ is Lord of creation, of purpose, of people

The Church that Glorifies God (Eph. 3:20-21)

  • 1. Is the church that accepts Jesus Christ as Lord
  • 2. Is the church that understands the Grace of God
  • 3. Is the church that makes known the wisdom of God
  • 4. Is the church that lives in the unity of the Spirit
  • 5. Is the church that stays pure for Christ
  • 6. Is the church that fights the good fight of faith with the armor of God

    God's New People

    Paul's Three-Fold Prayer [1:18]

  • Calling, 2:1-10
  • Inheritance, 2:11-3:6
  • Power, 3:7-21

    Our Identity is Certain because of God's... [1:18]

  • Calling, 2:1-10
  • Inheritance, 2:11-3:6
  • Power, 3:7-21

    Living the Christian Life [1:15-23]

  • 1. contains a tremendous challenge, 1:15-18a
  • 2. is based on our calling, 18-21
  • 3. results in changed lives, 19ff

    The Church [1:15-23]

  • 1. Called, ekklesia
  • 2. Community, the body of Christ
  • 3. Christ's presence in this world, the "overflowing" of Christ

    The Centrality of the Resurrection

  • Christ has been raised by God's power, 1:19-20
  • We have been raised
  • If there is no resurrection--
  • There is no restoring power to give us hope
  • There is no unifying power to unite us
  • There is no basis for our belief
  • If there is no resurrection--
  • There is no basis for our identity--we are not church, not body, not fulness
  • Therefore we have no purpose, no life, no power
  • We are directionless, dead, empty

    How a Christian lives--
    5:1, in love
    5:8, in light
    5:15, in wisdom

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