2 Corinthians: Sermons ideas and outlines
from Bob Young

Finding Comfort in a World of Afflictions [1:3-2:11]

Suffering and its Solution [1:8-11]

The Promises of God [1:18-22] Introduction: The foundation for the promises of God

A Ministry of Integrity Through Relationships [1:23-2:4]

Ministry Under the New Covenant

Understanding Christian Ministry

These three concepts run throughout the Pauline defense as he describes ministry from five perspectives

The Glory of the New Covenant [3:7-18]

Seeing the Glory of God [3:7-4:6]

  • Faces veiled
  • Faces unveiled

    Our Lives in Christ [4:1-7]

    The following outlines are reflected in Jim Woodroof's Aroma of Christ
    Notice who we are

    Notice what we have Notice what we know

    Treasure in Jars of Clay [4:7-16]
    The reason for it--

    The result of it--

    Clues in the Treasure Hunt
    Introduction: Interconnectedness of life, identity of those in Christ, integrity

    Therefore: we understand the gospel, the treasure in earthen vessels

    The Challenge of Christian Living
    The contrast of our world between affliction and comfort is apparent also in the Christian life

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