1 Corinthians: Sermons ideas and outlines
from Bob Young

wisdom/foolishness, division/unity, worldly/spiritual, pride, power, carnal, spiritual, selfish, apathy


Our Calling

The Christian

1:1-2 introduces us to....

Preaching (1:17-18; 21-24)

The Message of 1 Corinthians

For the Christian, Christ is.... (1:30)

Corinth: A Problem and Paul's Solutions


An Outline For Preaching Chapter 1
1:10-17, The Problem
1:18-25, The Power
1:26-31, The Proof

Note that in 1:1-9 there are 9 references to Jesus Christ in nine verses.



Kerygma vs. didache, 2:1-8
1. the facts
2. the meaning of the facts

Types of Men
1. the natural man, 2:14
...a. princes of the world, 2:8
...b. man's wisdom, 2:4
2. the spiritual man, 2:15
...a. loves God, 2:9
...b. God's wisdom, 2:7
...c. God's power and spirit, 2:4

Division (McGuiggan)
1. is real, 1:10-12
2. can be avoided
...a. proper conduct, 1:13-17
...b. seek God's wisdom and way, 1:18-31
...c. preach Christ, 2:1-5
...d. follow god's revelation, 2:6-12
...e. verbal inspiration, 2:13-16
...f. don't follow men, 3:1-4:21

God's Wisdom
1. is in preaching, 1:17-31
2. is powerful, 2:1-5
3. how it is received, 2:6-16
4. solves carnality, 3:1-4


Marks of Carnality
1. milk drinker, not meat eater, 3:2
2. incaapble of accepting meat, 3:2
3. envy and strife, 3:3
4. walk as man, 3:3
5. divisive, 3:4

The Work of a Christian
1. is varied, 3:5-7
2. is a labor with God, 3:9
3. is the basis for reward, 3:8

The Christian
1. described with the illustration of "tillage", 3:5-9a
2. described with the illustration of "building", 3:9a-17

1. You--all things are yours (of you)
2. Christ--you are Christ's (of Christ)
3. God--Christ is God's (of God)


What God sees vs. what man sees: We Are Made a Spectacle (4:9)
1. Man sees
...Signs and wisdom, 1:22
...Enticement, 2:4 (manipulation)
...Not God's wisdom, 2:8
...Problems, 3:3
...Glory, 1:26-29; 3:21
2. God sees
...Our work, 3:13
...Our hearts, 4:5

4:7--Intellectual Pride
1. Is disputatious and judgmental, 4:1ff
2. Is puffed up, 4:6
3. Is exclusive, 4:7
Should be contrasted with a proper attitude, 4:8-14

1 Cor. 4:1-5, Three Judgments
1. of fellow men, public opinion
2. of self, conscience
3. of God, the highest court of all


What Is Spirituality?
How you treat others, 3:1ff
Attitudes toward Christ's Lordship, 12:3ff
Relationship to one another in the body, 12:14ff
Demonstrating love, 13:1ff
Building up rather than tearing down, 14:19ff
Respect for Scripture, 14:37ff

Worldliness and Carnality: The Opposite of Spirituality (ch. 5-6-7)
The Immorality Problem
...The Man with his father's wife
...Taking advantage of one another at law
...Immorality with the temple prostitutes
The Marital Problem
...Begins with the opposite attitude as the immorality problem
...The desire to remain true and pure

The Party Spirit
Divided Over People and Personalities, 1
Divided Over works, methods, and effectiveness, 3
Divided over arrogance and self-righteousness, 4
Divided over economic and social status, 11
Divided by pride, 11-12
Divided over immorality, 5
Divided by selfishness, 6
Divided by pride and power, 11-14

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