Another Look at Romans 14:1-15:7
Text: Romans 14
A sermon/study by Bob Young

What this lesson is about, what are normal expectations in a study of Romans 14-15? What is appropriate?

I. All doctrine (teaching) is not of equal weight
Level playing field is wrong approach to Scripture.
"Fluff" is equally wrong. One preacher said, "There is God, there is Christ. All else is fluff." What about the Holy Spirit? Church? Resurrection? What about 1 Cor 8-10; 2 Jno 9; 1 Cor. 15?

II. What kinds of teachings (doctrine) are in view here?

III. The situation and the principles laid down

IV. How shall we handle this?


  • Liberty has fulfill, acceptance by God and by men, 18
  • Responsibilities restated in chapter 15. Is unity passage, act to enhance unity, stay together, have spirit of unity, peace (14:17, cf. 15:13).
    Much which is being pushed today under authority of Romans 14 ignores the text. We should worry about self more than about others. Focus is your own responsibility before God. Where are you?

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    Last updated September 28, 2011