Looking For Jesus
Text: Lk. 24:1-8
by Robert J. Young

Child's game of hide and seek. All hide, try not to be found. But because of socialization, some cannot stand not being found. Make themselves easy to be found. Hide and seek works best if there are no good hiding places, or if there are, when the process is two-sided. Save, application at end of sermon.
World of Bible, and contemporary world, are filled with people looking for Jesus. Sometimes they know for whom they are looking, sometimes not. I trust you know for whom you are looking, but our world is filled with people who are looking for something, but do not know what they are looking for. A truth especially in focus during this holiday season. Some are also seeking to hide from Jesus, other Christians, the church. Not wanting to be known, to be found.
Observe also that people look in various ways--look anxiously, expectantly, curiously, half- heartedly (without understanding the cost, 9:57), with ridicule, mistaken identity, not know specifically who looking for, but looking for someone.


  • Some people look because it is good to be looking, or because they know the scriptures.
    Luke was looking, Luke 1:1-4. He thought Theophilus would be looking.
  • Some people look because they have received a sign
  • Some people are looking because of curiosity, yet likely because of OT scriptures.
    Luke 3:15 (Jews wondering if John the Baptist were the Christ)


  • Some people look for healing/cleansing, selfishly?, or should we try to determine their motives?
    4:40 (crowds), 5:15 (crowds), 7:1ff (centurion), 7:35ff (sinful woman), 8:26 (demoniac), 8:40 (woman w/blood issue), 9:37 (man with epileptic son), 13:10 (crippled woman), 17:11ff (10 lepers), 18:35 (blind beggar)
  • Some come to Jesus seeking to justify themselves
    18:18 (Rich Young Ruler)
  • Some people look to Jesus for safety
    8:22ff (disciples in boat)
  • Some people look to Jesus for physical blessings
    9:10 (feed 5000)
  • Some people may look to Jesus for status
    Lk 19, Zacchaeus


  • Some people look for Jesus on behalf of others
    5:17 (friends of paralytic)
  • Some people looking for Jesus for self are not selfish


  • Some people look for Jesus to prove him wrong, to test him, even to kill him.


  • Some people look to Jesus because of personal relationship--Mary and Martha, Lk 10:38
  • Some people look to Jesus to learn--Lk. 11:1, prayer
  • Some may look to Jesus to worship him--Lk. 19, triumphal entry
  • Some seek Jesus for forgiveness
  • Some people look because of concern for things spiritual
    Lk 24, text

    Good news of gospel is not that we may seek God, although we may and he may be found. He has revealed himself. He has made himself known. Much of NT reveals this great truth. But great truth of gospels is that Jesus is seeking us. Lk 19:10.
    Let yourself be found. Hide and seek works best when you want to be found. Lord, I want to be found. I want you to find me. Wherever I am. Thank you for seeking me, thank you for telling me about so many who have sought you. May we work together so we can get together.

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    Last updated February 26, 2001.