Refocusing Through Prayer

Text: Gospel of Luke
by Bob Young

Think with me about the need for and the power for refocusing

  • Camera when look at two different objects at two different distances
  • Our eyes, light/dark, distance/near, day/night
  • We are not saying the past is bad, but that we must rethink the present and the future
    Today we examine a Bible example of refocusing.

    Jesus and the prayer/power cycles of his life.

  • Temptation, coming with power
  • Synagogue, 4:31ff
  • Prayer, 5:16, power, 5:17
  • Prayer, 6:12, power 6:19
  • Boat, 8:22; power, 8:25
  • Summary, 9:1ff
  • 9:18, prayer; new agenda, 9:21ff
  • 9:28, transfiguration, and new power, 9:37ff

    Against this background of ministry, ebb/flow of life, with the first and second passion predictions of 9:22 and 9:44, the focus changes. Consider parallels in Mt. 4:17, 16:21.

    Jesus and the purpose of his life.
    Resolutely, with a new purpose. Geographic, yes, but more. This is his ultimate task. He will refocus, reprioritize, rethink his mission, and he will resolutely move toward his ultimate task.

  • 9:51ff, Not by fire power
  • 13:22, not by force
  • 17:11, by faith
  • 18:31, by fulfillment
  • 19:28, we will have to follow, for Jesus goes ahead

    Jesus and the rhythms of his life.
    19:47; 21:27-38, the rhythms of his life can be the rhythms of our life, 22:39.

    What are we to learn? As we begin again, is such possible? Can we refocus? Is this just "preacher talk"--artificial thinking, elders' dreaming. Is it possible to reestablish a new purpose, a new vision, a new dream. I believe the answer is yes, but we must understand how it is done in God's work.

  • It is not by fire power.
  • It is not by force.
  • It is by faith.
  • It is by fulfillment, to accomplish his purpose.
  • It is by faithfully following Jesus, regardless, wherever he leads.

    What will be our "business as usual." Will it be prayer, will it be power, will it be faith, will it follow Jesus? What am I suggesting? As a starting point, that we should pray about it.

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    Last updated August 31, 2011