Can You See Jesus?
Text: Luke 24:13ff
by Robert J. Young

Luke gospel is intriguing for two somewhat opposite concepts: a hiddenness/cover theme, and an opening/awareness theme. Jesus is the one who opens eyes, opens minds, opens understandings, opens Scriptures. Consider these themes of Luke.

No story better reveals that reversal than our text.

I. Jesus was not recognized because of faulty expectations, 24:16.

II. Jesus identity is hidden because of the condition of hearts/minds, 24:25.

III. Jesus is recognized because of the unexpected, 24:30.

IV. Jesus remains hidden because of rejecting the Scriptures, 24:45.

Look at again at 24:45. What do you do know? What do you see? Are you ready to be a testimony of what has happened in your life? Have you responded with belief and repentance? Will you worship?

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Last updated February 26, 2001.