A Jesus For Sinners
Text: Luke 7
by Robert J. Young

Why are these stories in the Bible? We have selective gospels. We see evidence of editing, authors yet redactors. The gospel writers are putting together a story with a purpose.
Regarding completeness, we can observe that some good stories are missing from Luke. What catches Luke's eye? What ought to catch our eye?

I. A Centurion--The story (7:1-10)

Notice: Jesus helps a person others might reject because of ethnicity.

Summary: God has come to people of faith, even outside Israel.

II. A Widow--the story (7:11-17)

Notice: Jesus sees people others overlook. Some people are visible to God even when unseen by others.

Summary: God has come to help his people.

III. The Crowds--the story (7:18-35)

Notice: Jesus helps people others refuse to help.

Summary: Jesus has come to help with physical problems, with all problems.
The diseased, sick, posses by evil spirit, blind. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those with leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the good news is preached to the poor.

IV. Sinful woman--the story (7:36-50) (more complex)

Notice: Jesus interacts with people others despise.Jesus has come to

Summary: Your faith has saved you.

V. Simon, the Pharisee--the story (7:36-50)

Notice: Jesus came even for him. Simon, the Pharisee, Simon the sinner.

Summary: Everyone, regardless of how good they may appear, needs the salvation Jesus provides.

Faith? What is this faith? In the centurion, in the widow, in the infirm, in the sinful woman. Faith? What is this faith? In the life of a good person. In my life, your life.

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