Gospel of Matthew: Sermon Ideas and Outlines
from Bob Young

Who Is Jesus? [Matthew 1-4]
Names: Jesus, Immanuel, Christ
Baptism and Temptation: Son of God

Jesus Comes
4:17ff, teaching, preaching, and healing
16:21ff, dying

Sermon Series: Sermon on the Mount
5:13-20 Higher Righteousness of the Kingdom
21-26 If You are Angry with your brother
27-32 If your eye causes you to sin
33-37 Let your yes be yes
38-48 If someone hurts you
6:1-18 Right way to do righteous deeds
9-14 Pray like this
19-24 God or Mammon?
25-34 Do not be anxious
7:1-6 Do not Judge
7-11 ASK
12-14 Golden Rule
15-23 Known by their fruits
24-27 Like a wise man

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Last updated December 26, 2014