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November/December 2014: Speaking on "Nicaragua For Christ," a national TV program, September 2014

national TV in Nicaragua

August/September/October 2014: Early Sunday morning Bible study in the city park in Ocotepeque, Honduras, June 2014

early Sunday morning Bible study in the park

May/June/July 2014: Some of the church leaders who attended the weekend seminar in Tasharté, Guatemala, February 2014

leaders at seminar in Tasharte

March/April 2014: Some of the men of the new church in San Juan del Obispo, Guatemala, February 2014

San Juan del Obispo men's group

December 2013/January-February 2014: With the evangelists of the Barinas, Venezuela church, July 2013

Barinas evangelists

September/October/November 2013: June 2013 Leadership Seminar in Honduras

Honduras church leaders

July/August 2013: Peru Church Leaders at 2013 National Conference

Peru church leaders

May/June 2013: Baptism in Lake Atitlan in March 2013

Baptism in Lake Atitlan

March/April 2013: Elder Installation at Barrio Cabañas, San Pedro Sula in February 2013

Elder installation at Barrio Cabañas, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

January/February 2013: at Machu Picchu, Peru, October 2012

Bob and Jan at Machu Picchu

December 2012: Family Retreat, Cusco, Peru, October 2012

praying for families in Peru

October/November 2012: Colombia, September 2012

mission group at finca

August/September 2012: Honduras Missions, Leadership Seminar in Catacamas in May 2012

EBH leadership seminar

June/July 2012: Chile Missions, Los Andes in April 2012

Church in Los Andes

April/May 2012: Guatemala Missions, the sisters at Sololá in March 2012

Solola sisters

January/February/March 2012: Colombia Missions, feeding the chilldren in Pereira, September 2011

Bob in Colombia

November/December 2011: Preaching in Pereira, Colombia in September 2011

Bob preaching in Colombia

September/October 2011: Leadership Seminar in Guatemala

Bob teaching a leadership seminar in Guatemala

June/July/August 2011: Nicaraguan Brothers at Seminario Baxter in May 2011

Nicaraguans at 2011 Baxter Seminario

March/April/May 2011--Antigua, Guatemala: Volcan de Agua

Antigua volcano

January/February 2011--Building a House in Honduras

building a house in Honduras

November/December 2010--Preaching in Honduras

Bob preaching in Honduras

September/October 2010--Mother's Day at JMA Clinic

Mother's Day Program at JMA Clinic

June/July/August 2010--Jan and Suyapa at Seminario Baxter, May 2010

Jan and Suyapa

April/May 2010--Ecuador Meeting with Quechua Church Leaders

February/March 2010--Preaching in Honduras

January 2010--Ecuador: Two Brothers

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