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December 2009--Ecuador: Two Brothers

October/November 2009--August 2009 Mission Trip

September 2009--Bob making a May 2009 presentation at Baxter

July/August 2009--Bob teaching at Seminario Baxter, May 2009

June 2009--Patients Waiting on the Front Porch at the JMA Clinic in Honduras

May 2009--Building Classroom Furniture in Mexico

April 2009--A Growing Honduran Church

March 2009--A Smile from Ecuador

February 2009-Visiting a Children's Home in Leon, Mexico

January 2009-Quichua friends from Ecuador

December 2008-Ibarra, Ecuador

November 2008-Church Building, Leon, Mexico

October 2008-Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

September 2008-Santa Maria del Real, Front Wall Needs to be Rebuilt

August 2008-Campaign, Las Casitas, Honduras [July, 2008]

July 2008--Leadership Seminar, San Marcos, Nicaragua [2007]

June 2008--Three New Sisters, Honduras [2006]

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