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Hope: Helping Others Prepare for Eternity

by Bob Young
October 2010 [permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Few commodities are more precious than hope. With hope, everything is possible. Without hope, we give up without trying. Hope is the difference between success and failure. Hope keeps us going. Anticipation is the spice of life.

My wife and I have adopted hope as our motto. Earlier newsletters were headed with a logo and picture which proclaimed "Christ is the hope of the world." We call our ministry "Eternal Hope", in Spanish "Esperanza Eterna".

We live in a world that needs hope. We live in a world that does not know the true source of hope. Our world is placing their hope in a lot of hopeless temporal things. The vast majority of our world are as sheep without a shepherd--hopeless, homeless, helpless, hapless. The hope the world clings to is fleeting. Nothing is more vital than bringing eternal hope to a hopeless world. The church exists as evidence of and participant in the eternal purpose of God. God seeks to save and keep saved. The church does not exist only to save--the church is a place where saved folks keep saved. We must know who we are (identity), why we are here (purpose), and what we are to do (calling).

With God's purpose for the church in mind, our calling is to bring hope to the world. God sent his son Jesus into the world to establish a new order in the world--to change the world through a different kind of kingdom. To realize kingdom realities, God wants to establish a rescuing, saving relationship with every person on earth. God wants people to know the reality of his peace-giving presence through the Holy Spirit. God gives every church and every Christian opportunities to join him in his mission. We want to bring hope to our world--we seek others who will share in the challenge of helping our world know the hope that is found only in Christ Jesus.

There are many ways to describe what we are trying to do, but one of my favorite acronyms for hope is "Helping Others Prepare for Eternity."

We invite you to join us in God's purpose of sharing Eternal Hope. Every person who participates with us and requests it receives regular reports and accounting. Here are some things you can do.

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Last updated October 23, 2010.