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Robert J. (Bob) Young: Biographical Information [Short Biographies]

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Biography #1
[Note: This biography is an edited version of the extended biography.]

For the past eleven years, Bob has devoted his time to mission and ministry efforts focused on developing healthy churches, leadership development, and congregational transitions. On average, he travels to Latin America six to eight times each year, usually spending 2-3 weeks on each trip, visiting mission points, encouraging churches and Christians, and presenting seminars. He also works with Hispanic churches in the US and answers as many calls as possible to preach and teach in English-speaking churches.

Early in 2010, Bob Young concluded a second tenure as preaching minister for the Main and Oklahoma Church of Christ in McAlester, Oklahoma (2002-2004 and 2007-2010). He served as director of Graduate Bible (now School of Theology) at Oklahoma Christian University from 2004 to 2007. He maintains a website (www.bobyoungresources.com) that provides numerous ministry and mission resources. He also maintains a YouTube channel -- "Bob Young Ministry and Missions." He speaks regularly in seminars, lectureships, and special series; assists with interim ministries; and is involved in numerous mission efforts.

Previously he served at Ohio Valley University as professor of Bible, Bible program director, and executive vice-president. At OVU, he led a number of student mission campaigns, both domestic and foreign. He was named to Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 1998, 1999, and 2007. He was named to the 10th edition of American Scholars in 2000.

He served as a minister in churches of Christ in Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and West Virginia for over 40 years, and his ministry in preaching and teaching over 50 years has extended to 26 states and 18 countries.

He was a charter member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and still maintains a limited involvement in counseling. He has received specialized training in oncology chaplaincy and small groups ministry. He has been involved in several prison ministries.

He holds BA and MA degrees from Oklahoma Christian, and earned his DMin at Abilene Christian with an emphasis in preaching. He earned minors in Greek and Biblical Languages. His doctoral thesis focused on team building and intervention for church leadership groups. His current study and writing emphasizes evangelism, church culture and missional growth, team dynamics in local churches and mission efforts, church leadership, interim ministry, and missions. He writes study materials in Spanish for mission churches.


Biography #2
[This is a briefer biography, adapted for use in printed materials.]

After spending more than 25 years in pulpit ministry, Bob began a career in Christian higher education. He served as Bible professor and executive vice-president at Ohio Valley University and as director of the graduate Bible program at Oklahoma Christian. In his retirement, he serves as missionary, author, and speaker, maintaining a full schedule with churches in the US and across Latin America where he is actively involved in a dozen nations. He is editor and translator of a Spanish evangelism series with more than 50,000 lessons in print. He is currently working on a series of Bible Study Guides; volumes completed include Paul's Early Letters, Paul's Prison Letters, Paul's Pastoral Epistles, Hebrews, and the General Letters. He has also published a book in Spanish, Evangelismo: Equipando y Energizado la Iglesia (Evangelism: Equipping and Energizing the Church). He has published three monographs (How to Read the Bible as Theology, A Simple Model for Bible Exegesis, and How to Move from the Biblical Text to Sermon), available in both English and Spanish. His website (bobyoungresources.com) provides links to his videos, audios, and written materials.

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