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Sermon: Lessons from Achan [Joshua 7]

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

The importance of small things [Joshua 7:2]
Small things are often the most dangerous, because we think we can handle them on our own

Hidden things will come to light [Joshua 7:13]
Achan has all evening to make his sin right, in advance of the judging process to come the next day
We have ample opportunity to bring things before the Lord
Will we be part of the judging/confessing/forgiving process, or will we wait and make it necessary for God to act?

Be deliberate and thoughtful in prayer, considering the example of our prayers [Joshua 7:16ff]
Consider the example of your prayers. Who prays and will pray as you do, according to the example they hear from your prayers?
In Joshua 7, Joshua prays pretty much as Moses did in Exodus (5, 32).

Be deliberate and gracious in our care and compassion [Joshua 7:19ff]
Consider the example of our love, "my son", tough love

Josh 7:19, the power of confession [Joshua 7:19]
Notice how confession works: glory, praise, tell it, do not hide it

*Note: seed thoughts from Mitch Wilburn

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