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How to Put Jesus First: the Example of John the Baptist [John 1-3]

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

PURPOSE/MISSION: John the Baptist knew his job description, to exalt Jesus and call people to Jesus
His message was focused on Jesus and not on self. He was humble, knew his role.
Lesson: Make it easy for people to come to Jesus, prepare the way of the Lord, Isa. 40, help prepare hearts.

PRESENCE/LIFESTYLE: John the Baptist was different
Lesson: Make it easy for people to understand Jesus, be an example, “you make ministry attractive,” march to a different drummer, refuse to go along with the crowd

PROCLAMATION/MESSAGE: John the Baptist had the right message: repent/change
Lesson: Make it easy for people to change, help people want to change, make Jesus attractive

PERSUASION/DISCIPLESHIP: John the Baptist was able to give right answers; he was the right place to come for answers.
Lesson: Make it easy for people to decide, Matthew 11.

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