What Do You Seek?
A Sermon from John 6

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]


  • John 6 is the set up for John 7-8.
  • Who "gets it"? What does that mean? What do you do when you don't get it?
  • What keeps us from getting it?

    The Cast

  • Jesus
  • Then: Great crowd of people--Now: people, the world
  • Then: Jewish people-leaders--Now: religious leaders
  • Then: Twelve disciples, Philip and Andrew--Now: us

    Verse 14: Wanting a physical king

  • The people saw signs, they were compassionately fed (another sign, surely this is the prophet)
  • But they did not understand, Jesus withdrew (sometimes Jesus leaves)
  • Did the apostles participate in this (Matthew 14:22)?

    Verse 16: Needing a physical rescue

  • The Twelve, Jesus had not joined them, perhaps he had promised to
  • They did not understand, terrified, but when he is identified, they accept him (Mk. 6:50-52)

    Verse 22: Seeking a physical meal

  • So the people seek him again, vv. 26-27
  • It is made clear again that they do not understand

    Verse 41: Sensing a competitor

  • The Jewish leaders seek an argument; they have put spiritual realities in the physical realm
  • They do not understand, "from heaven?"

    Verse 60: Seeing a new reality

  • The disciples, vv. 53-58 are the genesis of what?
  • They are called to participate, not merely to go through the rituals

    Verse 68: Conclusion

  • Apostles don't understand. Where else could I go?
  • We believe and know who you are.

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