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Developing a "New Point of View"

Luke 17:11-19
by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Luke 17 is part of the context of the announcements of Jesus' death (9:22, 44; 18:31-34)
Luke 17 is part of the context of the Jerusalem journey (9:51, et.al.)
In this passage are developed the themes of Luke: journey, Samaritans, salvation
Ten lepers--10 is number of difficulties or problems
Consider the persons in the story--each has a viewpoint: Jesus, ten lepers, grateful Samaritan, disciples, onlookers, and priest

Three viewpoints to expand

  • Viewpoint of individual on whom the story focuses, nameless, Samaritan leper, "one of them", believing, trusting, and exhibiting it in worship and gratitude, v. 15, is segue to and example of kingdom within (v. 21)
  • Viewpoint of the disciples, Jesus is going to the cross, 9:51-56 problems with Samaritans, but transitions to Luke 10 and Good Samaritan
  • Viewpoint of Jesus, 17:17, healed and saved, healing is both outside and inside

    A new way of viewing things

  • New hearts toward others, John 3:16 in the Message, "anyone", lesson for disciples
  • New determination in our lives and ministries, Luke 6:35
  • New understanding of thanksgiving and gratitude, ingratitude cuts you off from future blessings
  • New understanding of living, Samaritan "threw himself" at Jesus, some want benefit and blessings without service and discipleship, will we put ourselves at Jesus' disposal
  • New eyes toward ourselves, praise God with a "loud voice"

    Note: germ thoughts from Mitch Wilburn

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