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Step One: How to find things on this website

The ten links included on the top menu provide a good starting point.
  • Consider the four top menu items. "Home" gets you back to the front page, "Academics" takes you to materials related to my career in the university, "Blog" takes you to my blog site, and "Espaņol" leads to the Spanish front page.
  • The bottom six menu items are self-explanatory. Each has a drop-down menu, but for those who cannot access the drop-down menu, the menu items are also linked on the first page.
    "About Us" has basic information, biography, photos, vita, family, contacts, and copyright.
    "Ministry" includes Adult Education, Discipleship, Evangelism, Interim Ministry, Leadership, Marriage and Family, Missional Chruch, Preaching, Small Church, Small Groups, Teams, and Worship.
    "Missions" includes reports, articles, short-term mission information, other resources, and various links.
    "Sermons" includes indexes by text, topic, series, and date, along with links to a video index, my YouTube channel, reflections and articles about preaching, and a list of other presentations and seminars.
    "Studies" is the beginning point for Bible study. In addition to links to audios, books, publications, and videos, Bible studies can be accessed by topic, text, Old Testament, and New Testament. This link also includes some studies for Bible classes and small groups.
    "Articles" provides access to most of the materials on the website. A topical index is provided along with links to Bible articles.
  • Note that both the left and right columns also have links to help you navigate the website and related pages.

    Step Two: Using Google search

    Searching the website with Google search is not difficult. One must list items in priority order. Therefore, to search the website the first item is "bobyoungresources.com." Then you may enter words or phrases to help narrow the search.

    Step Three: When All Else Fails

    When the search does not yield results, you may contact us directly to see if specific topics or items of interest are available.

    May this website be a blessing to those who seek to know God and his will, may the website bring glory to God -- these are our prayer!

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