Expository Preaching: Class Outline

Class #1
Introduction: Summary and Overview of Preaching, Definition of Expository Preaching
Types of Preaching
	1.  Textual
	2.  Topical, Subject
	3.  Psychological/Counseling
	4.  Narration/Story Telling
	5.  Others ___________________

How Will the Bible be Used in Preaching?
	A.  Augmentation, connects with #4
	B.  Illustration, can connect with any of the above
	C.  Documentation, argumentation, especially connects with #2 above
	D.  Exposition, primarily connects with #1 above

Exercise in expository preaching.
	What text says....what text means....what difference does it make?

Introductory Overview of Expository Preaching
A. Negatives
B. Benefits for preacher
C. Benefits for hearers

	What do you want to add?
	Describe expository preaching in your own words?  What makes it distinct?
	What kind of preaching do you usually do?  Do you usually hear?

Class #2
Using the Text to Develop Expository Materials

How to Teach and Preach the Text by using the expository method

Begin to think about two or three passages (at least one from the Gospels), and answer the questions in #6.
What passages are you going to work with? So we do not all do the same passages.

Class #3
Types of Expository Sermons

(Report on homework.)
Give examples of passage-based sermons which are in the textual category.

Textual sermons are not always expository, although they usually are. Why? How could a textual sermon not be expository? Does not communicate intent of passage. Disconnected from context.
Think of at least one other passage that would give a good passage based sermon. We will share them at the beginning of the next class.

Class #4
Types of Expository Sermons

Expository II sermons explained.
Expository I sermons explained.

Begin to share examples.

Bring at least two examples of each of the three kinds of sermons we have studied. Textual, Expository II, Expository I.
You should develop a "subject sentence," a purpose statement for the sermon (what you intend to communicate and what you hope to accomplish), and parallel points in the outline.

Class #5
Types of Expository Sermons

This sermon form explains the principle, gives examples from the Bible, and then applies the principle in a variety of situations from modern life.
Begin by thinking about some principles. This sermon is easiest if the principle is specifically stated in Scriptures.

Additional Helps, with examples

Class #6
Types of Expository Sermons

Sample sermon development.
In-class work.

Prepare at least five sermon outlines using the materials we have studied in the class up to this point. These are due on Friday. Please put these in written form as described earlier in the class.
Begin the process of choosing a text for your in-class presentation next week. We will begin the study of developing expository sermons tomorrow.

Class #7
Types of Expository Sermons--Development
In-class group work to develop various kinds of expository sermons and allow students to finalize their in-class presentations.
Class #8
Types of Expository Sermons--Development
Continue of activities from previous class
Finalize a text for your presentation in class next week. You must choose from the list provided or receive approval for a text you choose which is not on the list. Be prepared to share your initial work with the class with general answers to the following questions:
Class #9-10
Types of Expository Sermons--Class Samples
Students will share samples of their work.
Second Week
Classes #11-20

In class presentations must be scheduled Monday through Friday. The examination will be scheduled early in the week so we have time to discuss it.
We will use a question and answer format for in-class discussions.

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