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by Robert J. Young

Why would twelve people spend a week of spring break working in a hot, dusty, sometimes difficult place? The answer is the love of Christ which compels us!

That students would get up for a 4:55 a.m. arrival at the Columbus airport is a certain kind of sacrifice in and of itself (at least for students). Spending the week with only one's carry-on bag is another kind of sacrifice. Upset stomachs, cold showers, and long days of early rising and hard work add to the story.

But the story is not one of complaining and misery, but of love and rejoicing. A new church building under construction and well on its way to completion. A growing church, new awareness of God's rich blessings upon us, enjoying life's little pleasures, fellowship, sharing, missions, medicines, painting, helping, little kids, singing, gifts....

The Spring 1999 Honduras team was special in several ways. We had nine first-timers! We had a nurse on the team. We took with us a student whose first language is Spanish. We visited and helped with the new construction for a church which had never had a north American mission group visit.

The primary task for the trip was the construction of a new church building for a church that has grown tremendously since the hurricane. When we were there on Sunday, there were about 60-70 persons in a 20x20 building. The new building will almost triple available space. Our nurse spent the week sorting medications that were labeled in English so that they could be relabeled and instructions for use written in Spanish. A few of the team members assisted with sorting relief supplies that are yet to be distributed and with some fix-up and painting at the Good Samaritan Clinic in conjunction with Predisan.

A special word of thanks to Bobby and Jody Broyles who assisted with the on-site arrangements so that the works were awaiting us when we arrived. No more gracious hosts or tender hearts could be desired!

The entire group visited the School of the Good Samaritan where we performed a drama in mime with narration. As always, the children are special, the needs are great, and we return with a renewed commitment that the gospel must go into all the world.

All of us would like the gospel to go forward into all the world more rapidly, but God's plan is still the only plan--the gospel goes forth one person at a time! To whom can you take the gospel this week?

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Last updated February 26, 2001.