Baxter means
to me."

   - by Bob Young

Reflections on a month at Baxter
--24 May 2002

Baxter is a place to listen. At Baxter, I find an opportunity to listen to God, to listen to others, especially among my brothers and sisters in Christ from other countries and cultures, and to listen to our world. In seeing persons with less material things and greater needs, in seeing brothers and sisters with hearts set on taking the gpsoel message to their countries, time at Baxter is a reminder of the challenge to focus on the great need of our world for the gospel.

Baxter is a place to learn. At Baxter I find opportunities to understand the challenge of other cultures. I learn more of the work of the church in Latin America. I learn the need for prayer and consulting others as we attempt to work in missions efforts throughout Latin America.

Baxter is a place to serve, a place to work. It is difficult to spend much time at Baxter without involvement in the lives of others. Always there are tasks to be completed, things that arise which were never in view when the work was planned. When the needs are great, the opportunities to serve are equally great. This is one of the challenges of the work at Baxter--always something remains to be done.

Baxter is a place to integrate learning and experience. If Baxter represents only experiences without learning, then we fail to do fully that which God desires. At Baxter are opportunities to serve, and to understand more clearly the uniqueness of the challenge before us. At Baxter, I am encouraged, challenged, and forced to integrate what I learn with my opportunities to serve others.

Baxter is a place to grow. One does not have to grow at Baxter, but one can. By listening, learning, serving and observing, one can grow in abilities to make a difference in this world.

I am thankful for the work at Baxter, I am thankful for the people at Baxter. Baxter is making a difference in dozens of Latin American countries. I hope our small efforts are a part of the difference.

Dr. Young is minister for the Main and Oklahoma Church of Christ, McAlester, Oklahoma, and formerly served as professor of Bible and Executive Vice-President of Ohio Valley College. He regularly teaches classes at Baxter Institute.