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Principles for Leadership: Joshua 6

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Principles for Bible study
Sometimes we try to apply a text without remembering the rules of Bible study. We are looking for historical-cultural, Scriptural, and personal factors. We should ask concerning the significance of the text in each of these areas. What does this text say historically or culturally? What does it say biblically or spiritually? How does it speak to me?

Joshua is the leader in our text. The time is early in his leadership, soon after the death of Moses and the initial efforts to conquer the Promised Land. Consider the following principles for effective leadership.

1. Affirm the presence of the Lord (6:26-27)
The presence of the Lord was demonstrated in that the ark went before the people with the priests, with the trumpets blowing.

2. Depend on the power of the Lord
They marched around the city once each day for 6 days. They marched around the city 7 times on the 7th day. At some time, it would appear they marched on the Sabbath. If it was a distance, they may have worked on the Sabbath. But they were doing God's will. The Sabbath is for the serviceand benefit of man, not vice versa. They marched around the city 13 times in all, and the walls fell outward.

3. Recognize the potential for progress.
The battle is over when everything that can come between you and me is destroyed. When everything that can come between us and God is destroyed. We face countless battles in our world--family, depression, fear, spirituality, economic, social, religious, financial. Only God can make the struggles into stepping stones. Only God can keep us moving forward.

4. Guard against the potential for problems.
The victory at Jericho and the rich rewards reaped caused the problem with Achan and selfishness. With every success comes a challenge.

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