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Leadership in Action [Acts 6:1-7]

Posted by Bob Young*
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

A group without a leader is a bunch; a leader without a group is an echo.
Need for dynamic leadership in church.
Christians can become very unchristian when they get organized.
One problem is that the church often organizes according to the standards of the world rather than according to the Bible. The church is a body, organism, unity.
Biblical organization and leadership respond to the will and purpose of God, to what God is doing through his Spirit, and to contemporary needs.
Acts 6 provides a sample study.

6:1. The church was growing, but problems came anyway
Solution to problems is effective leadership and organization
Leaders have certain roles and must fulfill those roles

6:1. The reason for selection of the Seven

6:2,3. The method of selection
Planning: begin with the right procedures, processes, and priorities
Spirituality: choose the right persons
Training: develop the right skills and abilities
Connections: build on the right relationships

6:5-6. The results of their selection
Contentment, 6:5
Agreement, 6:6
Accelerated growth, 6:7

Lessons for Leaders
Leaders see what needs to be done. This is the vision which informs the planning.
Leaders make plans for meeting those needs. This is conflict management and facilitating the involvement of the church.
Leaders inspire others to work. Leaders do this in many ways, but an essential component is their example.
Leaders make sure the job gets done. Leaders are interested in the results, not just the right actions.

*adapted from Gary Davenport

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