Church Leadership--Elders

Note: You may wish to do a preliminary study of the church before continuing this study.

The Leadership of the Church--Elders/Bishops/Pastors
Prepared by Bob Young
Page may be copied and used for teaching purposes with appropriate credit noted

In the New Testament, a fully organized church had elders as overseers, Acts 14:23; Tit. 1:5; Phil. 1:1 (note plurality).

1. Names

2. Duties

3. Duties of members toward elders

4. Qualifications, Characteristics, Qualities The areas of concern for the church in the first century included at least the following eight areas: the leader's marriage and family, self-mastery or self-control, hospitality, teaching ability, temper and temperament (character), attitudes (especially toward money), spiritual maturity, and reputation with outsiders. Another helpful and memorable outline includes four areas.

5. Ability

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