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The God Who Reverses the Irreversible

by Robert J. Young
©, 2003, Robert J. Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

One of my favorite songs as I was growing up was "Hold To God's Unchanging Hand." Why that song from the very early 20th century should have an appeal to this ex-music major is almost inexplicable. Perhaps it was the melody, perhaps the counter melody. It may have been the repetition, or the consistent beat. Regardless, the words reflect truth in every generation. It was and remains a favorite. I have been impressed through the years with the number of people who likewise count it as a favorite; I have been amazed how often it is requested in area singings. The song remains popular at funerals.

The song says something important and powerful about our unchanging God. In the transitions of life, our God is dependable. In the reverses of life, God remains the same. The Hebrews writer describes Jesus as the same yesterday, today, and forever (13:8). Not only is our God consistently the same, with no shadow or turning (James 1:18), but our God has the wonderful ability to reverse the irreversible!

Irreversible--the word has such finality. The damage of the heart is irreversible. The brain damage is irreversible. The effects of the stroke are irreversible. Nothing can be done. Irreversible smacks of hopelessness. It is no wonder that a God of hope would be a God who reverses the irreversible.

Life is filled with remorse, but God can make those things we regret as those they never occurred. God can forget. He promises that he will not remember sins and iniquities. Someone has observed that justified means "just as if I'd" never sinned.

Life is filled with ridicule, but God can reverse reputations and realities. Paul wrote to the Philippians saying that he wanted to know the power of Christ's rising. The greatest evidence of God's reversing abilities is the resurrection. The resurrection declares that no situation is so far gone that our God cannot act. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in our bodies. God reverses even death--just as if I'd never died!

In a life that is filled with unexpected and sometimes drastic reverses, I am glad that God can reverse the irreversible. He can change any life; he can change every life. He can change your life. The life of Christ is the promise of God's power in our life.

Praise God--The God who reverses the irreversible!

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