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Spiritual GPS

posted by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

I like acronyms. Through the years, I have enjoyed making them up. Now you can find long lists of acronyms on the web with acronyms for just about everything.

I like it best when an acronym has a dual meaning. A number of years ago, I entered a new ministry and one of the first activities was to have each member fill out a worker questionnaire. In the days before computers and easy tabulation methods, we tabulated the results the old-fashioned way-by taking each questionnaire and writing the member's name on the appropriate worker lists. It went a lot faster when we scotch-taped the worker lists to some tables in the fellowship hall (tables and lists in order), and then had volunteers help get the names from the questionnaires onto the worker lists. We promised those who would help pizza afterward. Thus, a PIZZA party-a Precise Inventory of the Zeal and Zest Available.

Perhaps my love for acronyms explains why the sign in front of the church building caught my attention. "Use GPS: God's Plan of Salvation". The sign caught my attention because the phrase is one that is used frequently in the churches I minister with. I do not know what the church displaying the sign teaches about GPS. It really doesn't matter. Nor does it matter what I teach about GPS. What matters is what God teaches about GPS.

Perhaps 2011 would be a good time to read through the New Testament again, trying to understand as completely as possible the purpose and plan of God for the salvation of the world. God has acted for the salvation of the world. Not everyone will be saved-the New Testament rejects universalism. Those God saves obediently respond to his love and grace according to his instructions, not according to human preferences or teachings. Further, responding to God involves more than one's initial salvation experience. Salvation involves our daily life committed to God's purpose and buoyed by God's presence.

Use GPS.

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Last updated February 21, 2011