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"bits from bob" Articles
Selected "bits from bob" articles that appeared as church bulletin articles throughout my ministry have been edited and made available online. The "bits" articles below are from the "Fort Gibson Family of God" bulletin, and appear here in chronological order, organized by years beginning with the fall of 1987 through summer 1995.

Disturb Us, O Lord
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
Going to Church is Good for You!
Words of Affirmation
The Art of Thanksgiving
A Better Mousetrap? A Better Mouse?
A Family Is... [by Manny Feldman]
Your Sure Calling and Confident Election
Maker of New Years

Phooey on Philosophies
Finding the Future
Your "Don't Deserve" Lists
Ambulances...Food for Thought [from Prentice Meador]
Staying in Love! [Hosea 2]
What About Easter?
Mothers [selected quotations]
What's In Your Heart?
Daddy, Let's Go
A Mind to Work [Neh. 4]
A Dynamic Church
Pressing Toward the Mark
How Will We Know When We Get Where We're Going?
Scrooge and Stewardship
Four Kinds of People

Is The Task Too Great...or Are We Too Small?
Reflections on Having Feared a Friend
Will They Like Him?
A Christian's Prayer
Spiritual Cannibalism
Willing to Die? Willing to Live?
Things the Church Cannot Afford
Needed: A Holy Boldness
We Must Not Quit [Evangelism-Missions]
Focus on Fellowship
Challenge to Evangelism
Small or Large?
CBAs of Success
Do It Now!
Growing Stronger in Life
Healthy Churches Grow
Denominations Anonymous
Do You, Will You, Pray?
The Name "Christian"
Seven Things I Have Tried
An Obituary
Rate Yourself
Promotion or Commotion?
Say "I Love You"
Go Forward
Broken Things
Are You in Love?
Back to the Fundamentals
The Facts Please, Just the Facts [giving]
What Can I Do? [evangelism]
Is The Church Growing?
My Prayer For This Church
Dangerous Ideas [materialism]
A Preacher's Happiness Is...
Expectations and Parenting

The Best Years Are Yet To Come!
What is Your Missions Philosophy?
Into His Likeness
Youth and the Church
Seeking Spiritual Health
The Empty Pew (in Four Acts)
Religion's Benefits Without Obligations
Take Time
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of...
Not Home Yet
What Do You Think?
Tell the Story
Just Thinking...About Prayer
How's The Church Doing?
Who Is A Christian?
God's Child
Gratitude Again [Luke 17]
Thanksgiving Proclamation [Abraham Lincoln, 1863]

Would You Leave a Hole?
Just Thinking...About New Year's Resolutions
Duty: Woe to me if I do not...
What Is A Family?
We Are Under Commission!
What About the Lost Sheep?
Living Dead or Dead Living?
Does the Sermon Live at Your House?
"Preaching To" and "Preaching With"
If I Really Wanted To
Prayer For Deliverance From Distractions
I Was Not Disobedient to the Heavenly Vision
Best Friends
Understanding Our Youth
Buy Up the Time!

What Can You See?--Macro vs. Micro
Resurrection--A Sign From God
God's Secret Weapon--Prayer
Thoughts on Prayer
The Church
Hope, Help, and Home (#1)
Hope, Help, and Home (#2)
Hope, Help, and Home (#3)
In a Fog

We're Writing a Book
Danger Zone!--Watch Your Words
Who Are We?--The Identity of the Church
Perfect Love
If You Have a Word of Encouragement
How Narrow Minded!
As Living Stones
Jesus Is Everything We Need
Is the Church "Playing Small?"
What Does This Church Believe About...(#1) [a fresh look at worship]
What Does This Church Believe About...(#2) [a comparison of disciple, Christian, member]
What Does This Church Believe About...(#3) [a fresh look at the purpose of the church]
What Does This Church Believe About...(#4) [another look at foundations of evangelism]
The Secret of the Easy Yoke
Making Healthy Comparisons
The Three Ps of Evangelism
Time Will Tell!
It's Just Junk
It Is Corban!
Four Ps of Accomplishment
Pray Expectantly

Just A Closer Walk With Thee (#1)
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (#2)
Job or Ministry?
Prayer Works--Medical Evidence
Lessons from Sports for Christian Living
Who Should Read the Bible?
Written Up? or Written Down?
Does Anybody Recognize Me?
Why I Give to Missions
Back to School Checklist
While We Sleep
Beyond Keeping House: Effective Ministry in Smaller Churches
Quote Without Comment: Church Leadership
Reconsidering Worship
Significant Pursuits

Do Numbers Tell Our Story?
God's Hope for His People
God's Spiritual Family
Made in His Image
Are You a World-Aware Christian?
Catching the Vision: Helping the Church Develop
The Church Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle
Can I Be A Christian? [evangelism]

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