There's a Great Day Coming!
Text: 2 Pet. 3:7-11

Throughout 2 Peter, and indeed throughout the Bible, we have repeated promises of the coming of Jesus. The OT and NT are filled with such promises--1845 OT references, 17 OT books give prominence to this theme. 318 NT reference, 1/30 of all NT verses. 23 of the 27 NT books focus on this great truth in one way of another.

Illus: preacher was preaching on this theme: Behold, I am coming. Eventually, fell off stage into lap of prim, proper lady. Apologized profusely. I should have been ready, she said. You've been telling me you were coming for the last 5 minutes.

God has been telling us of the second coming of Jesus for at least 2000 years, and even longer through the OT prophets. Jesus Christ told us of his coming before he left this earth.

Peter makes this clear.

  • 1. There is a day appointed when earth will be destroyed by fire.
  • 2. This will be a day of judgment.
  • 3. This will be a day of destruction for the ungodly.

    Many choose to deliberately ignore this great truth, but it is a truth to remember. An event to avoid. A destiny to anticipate. In this chapter we read about (1) Denial, 3-5; (2) Destruction, 5-7; (3) Delay, 8-9; (4) Destiny, 10-12; and (5) Diligence, 11-18. We will look at these 5 themes under only two headings.

    I. Jesus is coming.

  • A. Some deny His coming, 1-5
  • B. The Bible affirms his coming. II. A Day of Judgment is coming.
    A day of judgment is certain (Eccl. 12:13,14; Heb. 9:27; Acts 10:42; 17:31)
    It will be a great day for those who are prepared. It will be a day of destruction for those who are not prepared.
  • A. Destruction is sure, 5-7
  • B. God's delay is evidence of his mercy, 8-9
  • C. That dreadful day of destiny is sure, 10-12

    When that day comes, we will be part of the greatest crowd ever assembled.

    Give diligence therefore, 11-18

  • A. V. 11, holiness, godliness, become a certain kind of person
  • B. V. 13, righteousness
  • C. V. 14, peace, spotless, blameless
  • D. V. 15-18, grace and knowledge: wisdom (15), requires effort (16), caution (17), we can still fall (18).
  • E. I want to be with Christ and all the redeemed of the earth. I want to meet those led to Christ here. I want you to go with me. I want to see you there. Will you give diligence?

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    Last updated March 20, 2005.