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A Prayer For Today

Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Lord, I need to be reminded today that the world in which I live is an illustration of the nature of life. Help me to remember my distaste for the things that are bitter, that do not taste good. Remind me that a bitter soul does not feel good, and that the bitter soul does not appeal to others.

Help me not to become bitter when people hurt me. May I understand that they too have often been hurt. May I understand when their hurts are unintentional. Make each of us sensitive so we realize how our actions appear to others and give us always the desire and courage change our lives, seek forgiveness, and grow into the image of Jesus. Give us the desire and courage to forgive and put the past behind; to live every day as a new day, being thankful for new beginnings. Thank you God, for giving me a new beginning. In Jesus name I pray and give You thanks. Amen.

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