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A Prayer For Today

Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

Almighty, eternal, transcendent, yet immanent God, Father, you have shown us so much about you, your love, your nature, your purpose, your longing and desire for your creation, for us, your intention, your eternity.

  • Because we believe what you reveal about your Son Jesus Christ, all we want is to know him. Please show him to us to touch us, mold us, use us.
  • Because we believe that through the power of your Holy Spirit you enable us to do and be more than we think or imagine, come now to dwell in us afresh, and make us strong to do your work and will.
  • Because we believe the call to service is the highest life's call, we ask for your grace and strength to faithfully follow in the steps of servanthood.
  • Because we believe the gospel's power, transform our lives today and always through that word.
  • Because we believe in you, Father, purify our desires, quicken our wills to obedience, strengthen our right purposes, defeat our wrong and stubborn-headedness, and direct this time of worship to touch our lives and magnify your name, to our enduring good, through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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