[This article originally appeared in the quarterly newsletter of Baxter Institute.]

"I was 
by a visit
to Baxter."

   - by Bob Young

For more than two weeks in May, 2000 I had the opportunity to see the work at Baxter firsthand as I taught a class during the annual lectureship and then taught a short course in expository preaching. I also was privileged to work with some of the students in English classes. I was able to see the abilities of the students, their hearts and their dreams and plans for evangelizing their countries and their world.

The men and women studying at Baxter are capable students. They are serious about preparing themselves for service. While my wife and I were at Baxter for the annual lectureship, we saw students carefully listening and taking notes. They are committed to learning the Word of God and communicating it effectively. They are interested in reaching out with the gospel into our contemporary world.

I saw the hearts of the students during the lectureships as the students sponsored an exhibition with displays representing their countries, in classes, and in personal conversations. The students are proud of their countries, but more important, they have a heart for evangelizing their countries. Most of them want to return to share the gospel with their fellow countrymen. In private conversations, I heard the pain of students whose families are not yet Christians, and their intense longing to share the Gospel with family, friends and all who will listen.

Finally in the students I saw a part of the future of the church in Latin America. I heard their dreams for planting churches. A missionary fire is alive on the Baxter Campus. Students are not dreaming of going out and finding a church where they can settle into a life of ease. Students are dreaming of planting churches, maturing Christians, and continuing a process that will advance the cause of Christ and the borders of the Kingdom.

Dr. Young serves as Executive Vice-President, Bible Program Director, and Professor of Bible at Ohio Valley College. He regularly teaches classes at Baxter Institute.