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Ministry: Why I Kept On

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

You know, do you not, how easy it is to quit? Who has not been tempted to quit? Even when we are doing worthwhile things, the temptation comes. The reasons are fairly common-too many obstacles, too many challenges, too many demands, too much effort for too few visible results. Too little support, too little encouragement, too few interested… Counting the cost, paying the price, and reaping the rewards do not occur in the same moment.

I have been involved in church work and ministry for 43 years. For most of those years, I have preached every Sunday-twice! A little math suggests that the numbers add to over 4000 sermons and over 4000 Bible classes. I have persevered when it would have been easier to quit. I have stayed when it would have been easier to leave. I have gotten up early and stayed up late. Some preachers keep on because they see no other option. I did not keep on preaching because I could not do anything else.

Here are some of the reasons I kept on.

  • I kept on because of God's call in my life, because of his grace and blessings in my life, because of my commitment to him
  • I kept on because of the people with whom I worked in the church and in ministry, because of their needs, their potential, and their hearts
  • I kept on because of the people in the world whom we could serve and save in the name of Jesus
  • I kept on because of my family
  • I kept on because it was rewarding despite the difficulties
  • I kept on because of the potential for eternal good
  • I kept on because of the encouragement of friends and family, brothers and sisters in Christ, because of words of appreciation

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    Last updated May 6, 2011