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Enlisting More Members in Evangelism

by Bob Young
©, 2002, Bob Young, bobyoungresources.com
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

TITLE: Enlisting More Members in Evangelism
Defn: Enlist: enroll for service, win support of or get help, support, or aid
Evangelism: telling good news
Summary: Winning support, help, and aid of more members for the task of personal "good news-ing"


  • What?--More members involved in the task of good newsing
  • Why?--World is lost.
  • Where?--Around the world, beginning in your backyard.
  • When?--Immediately, for the need is great, immediate, because we live in a receptive world. 9/11, difficulties, challenges, emptiness.
  • Who?--All, every Christian can tell how they became a Christian. Every Christian can tell what a joy/blessing it is to be a Christian.
  • How?--Motivate members to see the need, see the power, see the possibilities.
  • How convert Tegucigalpa? Consider some of the effective models: Continent of Great Cities; personal contacts (Boston movement, now International Church of Christ).


    I. Modern History of evangelism


    III. Only two kinds of evangelism: Personal evangelism vs. Impersonal

    IV. Has Personal Evangelism failed?

    V. What must we do?

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