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Communion Meditation: Remember What?

by Bob Young
[permission is given to reprint with credit noted]

We take the phrase often repeated in the Lord's Supper for granted: Do this in remembrance…. We quote 1 Cor. 11:23ff so often that we do not feel the disconnection. Have you noticed that the phrase also appears in Luke's gospel? Jesus says to his disciples-before his death!-do this in my remembrance. What were they to remember?

The easy answer is that Jesus was speaking with the future in mind. He was anticipating the observance of the Supper by the early church after his death. But one can rightfully ask, "Is there something more?" What were they to remember? Was it the challenge of faithful discipleship? Was it the tendency to argue about greatness? Was it the challenge of fear and faith existing side by side? What was it?

Today we remember Jesus' death and resurrection and we celebrate his coming as we observe the Supper. We are often asked to send our minds back to the cross-to remember backward. But is there something else involved in our remembering? Should we not also be remembering forward and thinking about how the Christ events have made all the difference in our life, and how his death and resurrection continually change us? Might we remember our own challenges, and with gratitude praise him because our weaknesses, failures, and sins are overcome by his blood. Indeed! Today, let us remember back, but let us also spend some time remembering forward.

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Last updated May 4, 2011